Don’t let his height fool you.

Edward Elric Information

This is the information part of the site. This is based from my knowledge and constant re-reading this amazing story. For this site, I am more focused on my opinions about Edward than narrating or summarizing the whole story. My effort for this site is to make you understand how much of a shorty badass alchemy buff Edward is. Not to mention, Edward is a rich money making teenager and starts with 100% full power in the series. Edward’s cocky attitude might be annoying for other characters, but it’s his height straightforwardness that makes him better than other shonen manga “heroes” and adored by many fans. Yes, better than Naruto or Ichigo or whomever you can think of which I based from biased opinion. heh.

Edward and Alphonse ElricFullmetal Alchemist
→ is where the summary of the story, info about the creator, vocabulary, and characters pages can be found.

Edward Elric smirk faceEdward Elric
→ is the in-depth analysis and essays about how tiny macho Edward Elric is. He might be cocky most of the time, but he grew into a fine man as the series progress.

Edward Elric smirk faceHis Story
→ Ten chapters of Edward Elric’s mischievous schemes adventure in the story of Fullmetal Alchemist.

Edward Elric smirk faceRelationships
→ Essays about Edward and his relationship with his family, companions, and friends. And how he practically screams at anyone who annoys him.

I’m not at all confident with my writing in general, but my untalented writing skills did not stop me from creating this comprehensive site.