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Edward Elric In-depth Information

Most of the shonen (manga for boys) protagonists are kind, gentlemanly, and friendly. They strive to get stronger to protect their friends and their love ones. They gain a lot of companions, gain more strength, and achieve cool super powers as they progress into their story. This kind of natural hero type is the reason why Edward Elric is far greater than any of them. Edward starts as a money making genius alchemist. He is a vain little brat who swears most of the time, and practically throws tantrums to anyone who calls him short. (or if they unintentionally used the word short in a sentence even though they weren’t describing Edward’s height) He doesn’t have any friends with the same age, and he is also (sadly) not popular with the girls. And that practically what makes Edward.. well.. lovable.

Edward Elric smile Basic Profile
→ Edward Elric’s character introduction and his basic story line. A little intro about his goals and venture in the story.

Edward Elric smile Personality
→ Who is this know-it-all bratty little kid. And why is he ideal for a comprehensive shrine like this.

Edward Elric smile Appearance
→ His fashion sense and what he wears after he rips off his clothes most of the time. And what other clothes he wears.

Edward Elric smile Voice Actors
→ Edward Elric’s Japanese and English voice actors. And how they amazingly made Edward come to life.

Edward Elric smile Versions
→ Edward Elric in different media, games, animes, and from the manga which started it all.

Edward Elric smile Facts
→ Little facts that you might want to know about Edward. Some might be basic and others might be different

Edward Elric smile Quotes
→ Especially picked from the manga. These quotes are practically my favorite speech from Ed.