Brains and Steel

Edward Elric Basic Profile

The protagonist of Hiromu Arakawa’s outstanding series, Hagane no Renkinjutsushi or Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward Elric is a cocky fifteen year old genius scientist residing in a country ruled by alchemy. He achieved a rank equal to a major with a badass title “Fullmetal”. A rebellious state alchemist popular with the townspeople and is known as the shortest youngest state alchemist.

Edward Elric
Name: Edward Elric
Alias: Fullmetal / Hagane – Steel
Rank: State Alchemist {Major}
Birthplace: Resembool
Birthday: somwhere in Winter
Height: 5’4”
Likes: alchemy
Hates: milk and any word similar to “shorty”
Goal: to bring their original bodies back
Family: Father, Mother, younger brother
Dream: to grow taller

Edward might be the most bad-mounted, hot-headed, and cocky protagonist you’d ever find. But regardless of those personalities, Edward is a strong selfless and determined young man. He undergoes a series of mistakes and regrets in the story which made him into an unyielding and persevering character who never backs down.

Edward burdens himself with the sins that he committed in his early naive childhood. At a young age, their father left them and afterwards he lost his mother from a plague. In the effort to see his mother’s smile again, Edward with his younger brother Alphonse committed an alchemical taboo called the Human Transmutation. It is a forbidden act where an alchemist would resurrect the dead with the use of alchemy. The process backfired and Edward lost his left leg, while Alphonse lost his entire body. Knowing that his beloved younger brother was taken away, Edward transmuted and bounded Alphonse’s soul inside an armor. As a toll for Alphonse’s soul, Edward lost his right arm in exchange. One year later, Edward with an automail (mechanical) arm and leg, strive to become a state alchemist to pursue legendary Philosopher’s stone to bring their original bodies back.

Throughout the story, Edward has one goal. To bring back Alphonse’s original body. He is determined to sacrifice anything for the sake of his younger brother’s happiness.