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Edward Elric Facts

Here are some random facts that I came up with about Edward Elric.

→ He is ambidextrous.
→ He will have his tantrums if you mention the word “short” infront of him.
→ He believes that if he hits his head he will get shorter.
→ He makes sarcastic impersonations of the Col. Roy Mustang.
→ He hates his father and wants to slug him.
→ He was able to punch his father on the face on Vol. 21 chapter 85.
→ He desperately wants to punch the Col. on his face.
→ He loves his younger brother the most.
→ He hates milk but loves to eat stew.
→ He eats a lot.
→ He sleeps a lot and while at it his belly is showing.
→ He swears a lot.
→ He transmutes dummies that resembles him that mocks his enemies.
→ He claps his hands when he transmutes.
→ He has a crummy taste of style.
→ He gradually got taller when he changed his automail and when Alphonse came normal again.
→ He wears white boxers.
→ He carved Oct. 3, ’11, MY BIRTHDAY the date when they burned their house in his state alchemist pocket watch.
→ He makes sure that his antenna is standing after he takes a shower.
→ He hates shots.
→ He draws horrible doodles.
→ He likes red which he thinks makes him look strong.
→ He is afraid of his teacher.
→ He used Al’s head to throw on someone else’s head.
→ He never cried about the things that happened to them.