I hate MILK!!!

Edward Elric Milk

Edward Elric hates milk

There isn’t any logical or scientific explanation about why Edward Elric hates one of the healthiest food source there is, MILK. It doesn’t mean that he hates dairy because he loves to eat steak with butter on top, sandwhich and burgers with cheese, and furthermore, Granny Pinako’s stew. So why do Edward hates milk? He just hated the thought that it is secreted by a cow and the liquid sensation of it.

Winry: You didn’t drink your milk.
Edward: (Turns away)… I HATE milk.
Winry: That’s why you’re always gonna be the size of a pea!!!
Edward: Shut up!! I’m not gonna drink some opaque white liquid that was secreted by a COW!!!
Major Armstrong: You’re just being stubborn Edward Elric.!
Winry/Major: In order to regain your lost stamina, you need nutrients!!
Edward: Fine!! Then I’ll just get my nutrients from other source than milk!!
Winry/Major: That’s why you never get any taller.!

→ Fullmetal Alchemist Chapter 14

This is also one of the reasons why Edward’s character is unique and likable. Hiromu Arakawa-sensei put a little hint about herself by making Edward as a milk hater since Arakawa-sensei was born in a dairy farm and who loves cows. One thing is for sure, if you want to serve Edward with food, don’t include milk or he will go psycho.!