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Edward Elric Personality

Edward Elric

What strikes me the most about Edward Elric is his stubborn unique and selfless personality. Although other characters tends to treat Edward like a kid and make him behave, Edward follows what he believes in and decides for himself. He is independent and rebellious. He doesn’t like to follow his superiors and strikes ahead without thinking the outcomes are. He is focused with his goal and concentrate only to what he expects that he should do to achieve it.

He might be assertive and cocky most of the time, but Edward’s determination is what makes him an ideal hero. (Even though he himself thinks that he is just stubborn.) As much as he hits himself on a wall in finding a way to get Alphonse’s ( his younger armored brother) body back, he gets back on his own two feet and try to find another way to achieve it. There is a saying that “If there is a will, there is a way”. This is what I think of Edward. He has a strong will and he never gives up even though the thing that they are looking for is just a legend or merely a theory. (At first anyway :P)

edward elric edward elric edward elric

Edward’s hilarious personality comes from his attitude of being a witty and a clever boy. He is capable of doing anything alchemy related with a touch of his inventive lame style. We can say that he is a “resourceful” alchemist. He could think of a scheme by just planning in a few seconds. Edward has his own saying, “if there is no door, then make one”. Edward can purposely create a flashing door if they are trying to get away from a corrupt priest like Cornello who wants them killed. Edward tends to transmute dummies that looks like him just so he could mock his enemies . Edward can get away from his pursuers by transmuting an old vintage car into a punk monstrous vehicle while driving. ( which anyone can practically notice ).

edward elric edward elric edward elric

Edward is talented. He is an alchemy prodigy. A young passionate scientist. Who wouldn’t want to be as talented and smart as Edward. Since he was young, he has been reading intermediate and basic alchemy books as if they were childish story books. He even gets bored with his daily lessons at school and brings his own alchemy books while not listening to his teacher teaching them 2 +2. And let’s not forget that Edward is the youngest state alchemist. Well we can say that Edward became more intelligent when he opened the “gate of truth”, but let’s not forget that Edward was able to do the forbidden act of alchemy by trying to resurrect the dead at the age of 11.

“Being passionate about something is a talent itself.”

→ Alphonse Elric

Some people doesn’t really like Edward at all and tends to love Alphonse instead because Edward is a brute and hot-headed. Think about how Edward feels, if he isn’t small he would have been just like a prince. Edward has everything: money, power, intelligence, physical qualities of a prince, but the only thing that makes him un-princely is his height. His insecurities towards his height comes from the constant teasing he gets which results to him being hot-headed. Also, I describe Edward a brute because he fights without question to anyone who picks a fight with him, I mean he will fight against a girl. But when Edward got a little taller – yes he did got taller but not as tall as he dreamed he would be – he became a little more refined and calm.

“If someone picks a fight with me, I fight back! That`s the logical thing to do!”

→ Edward Elric

Edward is also kind and immensely selfless. This is what I adore about him. Although Edward is straight forward when it comes to his words. Even though he punched his own father right on the face or hit a girl for stealing his watch, Edward has his own way to being kind to other people. As for his goal, Edward never intended to bring his body back, his ultimate goal was to bring Alphonse’s (his younger brother) original body back. It was always Alphonse who suggests that Edward should bring his body back as well whenever they talked about their goal. The fact that his top priority and goal is to bring Alphonse’s body back to normal no matter what shows Edward’s selfless personality. Also, when Edward and Alphonse was about to try the State Alchemist exam. Edward decided that it would be best if he is the only one to take the exam. Edward wants to shoulder everything to himself and doesn’t want to bring Alphonse’s life in anymore danger. Because being a state alchemist means you have to be ready for an on-call if the country is at war.

What I also love about Edward is that he treats everyone equal. The series is about war against different races and also characters who are turned into chimeras, a single organism which is composed of two or more different populations of distinct cells. Edward believes that whatever race you have, everyone is still the same. This kind of thinking comes from his little brother Alphonse who`s soul is inside an armor. Edward wants to believe that everyone is equal especially those other souls inside an armor like the homicidal Barry the Chopper because his little brother is not normal. But even if Alphonse is normal, Edward would still treat other people equal because this personality comes naturally from their kind mother.