Voice actors

Edward Elric voice actors

Here are the incredible and award winning voice actors who voices our shorty, Edward Elric. These voice actors are from the original Japanese anime and the north american version.

Romi Park

Edward Elric
Romi Park is a Japanese Korean actress and voice actor born in Edogawa, Tokyo. Her voice acting roles are most well-known parts for teen boy characters Edward Elric, Ganta, Hitsugaya Toshirou, Natsume Hyuga, and tough ladies like Nana Osaki and Teresa. She was born in January 22, 1972. He won the Best main character for female award for her portrayal of Nana Osaki from the shoujo series, Nana.

Vic Mignogna

Edward Elric
Vic Mignogna was born from Greensburg, Pennsylvania. He is an award winning American voice actor and musician who is best know for his voice roles as Edward Elric, Tamaki Suoh, Zero Kiryuu, Fai D. Flourite, Ikaku Madarame, and Nagato. He won an award for his role as Edward Elric from the series Fullmetal Alchemist. YAY!