a narration to Edward Elric

Fullmetal Alchemist story

Well not exactly a narration really. I don’t want to bore you while you read detailed summarization of the whole story. It’s better if I would just make you read the story itself and see how an amazing artist and story teller Hiromu Arakawa-sensei is after leaving this site. I’ve divided the pages with interesting subjects about his HEIGHT, evil mind, lame artworks, burdens, routine, and his job as a state alchemist. I have tried to not re-read the whole series before I started this shrine and because I mostly re-read the series whenever I just feel like it anyway. So it’s technically just based from my knowledge about the series itself.

Edward Elric smirk faceStory 1 – Introduction
→ This is a summary of Edward’s first appearance in the story as the tiny Fullmetal Alchemist.

Edward Elric smirk faceStory 2 – State Alchemist
→ His job as a State Alchemist while helping people in his own way. Also his adventures while finding the philosopher’s stone.

Edward Elric smirk faceStory 3 – Childhood / Background
→ His childhood spent with his mother and background. Mostly about the incident he committed with his younger brother Alphonse.

Edward Elric smirk faceStory 4 – Daily Routine
→ To train your mind you must first train your body. The things that he spend most of his time.

Edward Elric smirk faceStory 5 – Forbidden Word
→ The page where we talk about Edward’s height and temper. Why is he short and how did he get taller.

Edward Elric smirk faceStory 6 – Fights and Battles
→ How Edward uses alchemy how to fight and how his battles had helped him developed in the story.

Edward Elric smirk faceStory 7 – The Mad Artist
→ Edward is artistic in his own way. He has his own lame punk skull style while he usually shows it off.

Edward Elric smirk faceStory 8 – Burdens
→ The burdens and regrets on which made him into becoming a strong and unyielding character.

Edward Elric smirk faceStory 9 – Growing Up
→ Not about his height. More into the in depth of Edward accepting himself and his mistakes.

Edward Elric smirk faceStory 10 – Redemption
→ The reason why Edward is the protagonist of the story and what makes him special in general.