Story 2 – State Alchemist

Edward Elric Story

Edward Elric

A State Alchemist is an alchemist who works for the government. They undergo a difficult exam and if they pass, they will be given a power equal to a major and a kick ass alias. As a State Alchemist, Edward Elric passed the exam with flying colors and was given an alias as the Fullmetal ( Hagane or Steel in Japanese ). Edward took the exam because he thinks that this is the first step in finding the Philosopher’s Stone.

State Alchemist Privileges:

→ Abundant research funds
→ Access to special research materials and facilities
→ Access to various government organization
→ Rank equivalent to Major

In order for Edward to roam around the country while sniffing through a way to find the Philosopher’s stone, is becoming a State Alchemist. It will give him less trouble from the government and townspeople (though he gets into troubles a lot even if he is a state alchemist) and give them an extensive amount of money in their travels.

However, Edward finds the horrible truth about what alchemy can do. One of those was Mr. Shou Tucker who was known as the “Sewing Life Alchemist”. He created a chimera who can talk and respond. As Edward and his brother became more close to Shou Tucker’s daughter, Nina; at first they find their life grand and amazing. Unfortunately, they learned that Tucker used his own wife as his first attempt to create a talking Chimera. And now, her daughter, Nina, and dog, Alexander, were used for his second talking chimera experiment. Edward was indeed angry that he couldn’t stop beating the hell out of Tucker. Tucker explains to him that what he did with his younger brother’s soul was the same thing as what he have done.

Edward Alphonse and Shou Nina Alexander Edward and Nina

You‘re the Fullmetal Alchemist.! You mean like your brother‘s life.. And your arm? That‘s also the result of ‘playing around with people’s lives’ yes? You and I are just the same..

– Shou Tucker, Chapter 5

Shou Tucker and his chimera died in the hands of a killer named Scar. Edward and Alphonse blame themselves for not being able to save their friends Nina and Alexander. They think that they are powerless, and that their alchemy cannot help them in their times of need. Being an alchemist does not help Edward at all times, he realizes that how weak he is and that he is just a human being.

Since last night I‘ve been wondering what this alchemy that we trust in really is.. I‘m a fool. I haven‘t grown up at all since then.

– Edward Elric, Chapter 6

Edward realizes that alchemy is their friend and enemy. As alchemist, they spend their lives in researching and extending their knowledge and experiencing a taste of power, however, alchemy is a strong fire that if used wrongfully it will take back a huge amount of toll. For example, alchemy was the main reason why they lost their bodies and why some innocent people like Nina dies.

Scar Edward Alphonse

Being an alchemist is also putting your own life in any casualties or like Scar. Scar is an Ishvalan who murders State Alchemists in the effort to avenge his people from the devastating war that happened in the country of Ametris. He was able to find Edward Elric and targeted the boy. Edward and Alphonse lost the battle, and Edward was sure that it was his end. He asked Scar to let his younger brother go if he gives himself up. The scene showed how strong the bond that the Elric brothers have for each other. Alphonse screamed with all his might and they were saved by their comrades: Mustang, Armstrong, Hawkeye, and others.

You have to live.. And keep living.. So you can do more research! You have to find a way to get our old bodies back.. And maybe even save poor girls like Nina! I won‘t let you throw that chance away! If you did, I‘d never forgive you!

– Alphonse Elric, Chapter 7