Story 3 – Childhood

Edward Elric Background

Edward was born in a small peaceful town called Resembool in the year 1899. His father Van Hohenheim is a powerful aclehmist who is happily married to a caring and sweet woman named Trisha Elric. After a year, Edward’s younger brother was born and was named Alphonse. Because Alphonse is the younger and more dependent brother, he is always seen with their mother Trisha. However, Edward tends to hit Alphonse on the head whenever Edward spots him because he felt that his mother doesn’t love him anymore and just loves Al best. A typical jealousy between siblings. His father Hohenheim heard Edward whispering to himself saying that their mother Trisha doesn’t love him anymore. Hohenheim made Edward realize that if Trisha doesn’t love Edward then she wouldn’t sacrifice the pain of having carried Edward inside her for 9 months. Edward got the point and became the best older brother Alphonse ever had.

Edward Elric

Van Hohenheim left his family telling his wife Trisha that he has a mission to do to save them and his kid’s future. Trisha did not tell her sons the reason why their father had left them. Edward grew up with a very little memories of his father while he spend his childhood with their mother. When Trisha saw them scribbling on the ground in their father’s study room, their mother asked if they learned alchemy from their father. Edward stated that how can they learn it from someone who isn’t there. Trisha realizes that her sons are geniuses and gifted with alchemy. She was proud of them and let them pursue their interest. Edward and Alphonse continued to impress their mother because they love how their mother smiles at them.

Edward Elric Childhood Edward Elric Childhood Edward Elric Childhood

Mom gave us praise. That was all it took for us to dive headlong into studying alchemy.

– Edward Elric

However, their mother died from the plague and of course from being away from her husband. After she died, the two boys spend their time studying alchemy to bring back their mother by using the human transmutation. The human transmutation is an alchemy taboo. Their self study is not enough so they decided that they need a teacher. Thus they meets the home maker strong skilled alchemist, Izumi Curtis. Izumi tested the boys if they are talented enough to become her students for a month. Edward and Alphonse were able to pass the practical exam and became her students.

Edward Elric Childhood Edward Elric Childhood Edward Elric Childhood

After returning from their training back to Resembool, Edward and Alphonse performed an unremarkable life changing sin, to bring their mother back. However, something went wrong and the process backfired. Edward lost his left leg while Alphonse lost his whole body. As he became conscious from loosing Alphonse, Edward bound his younger brother’s soul into an armor and lost his right arm in the process of equivalent exchange. And thus their search for the philosopher’s stone to bring back their original bodies came about. Both Edward and Alphonse decided to burn their house in the effort to never look back.