Story 4 – Daily Routine

Edward Elric Story

Aside from being a State Alchemist who saves the day, Edward Elric is just your average teen who eats, sleep, and laugh. Edward travels back to his hometown, Resembool, whenever his automail needs a maintenance. But if Edward is busy and cannot travel back to Resembool where his personal mechanic lives, he would call her to go to him most of the time.

I’m not the kind of person who takes it easy.!

– Edward Elric, Chapter 9

Edward and Alphonse Edward and Alphonse Edward and Alphonse

Instead of spending his time lazying, Edward tends to get irritated if he is not doing anything. When he went back to Resembool for maintenance after his battle with Scar, Edward has to wait for his automail to get repaired. One of the things that he would first do is to visit their mother’s grave. Their mother’s remains resides in their hometown. Even though Edward burned their house to ashes, he still manages to visit his mother bringing her flowers.

I think being passionate about something is a talent in itself.

– Alphonse Elric, Chapter 10

Edward and Alphonse Edward and Alphonse Edward and Alphonse

If something is unknown whatever difficulty it is, they try to research and investigate the unknown which is a normal attitude of a scientist, being curious to learn the truth. When they have learned that they can find the solution in creating a philosopher’s stone with the help of a bookworm, Sheska. Dr. Marco gave Edward his information about the place of his secret research materials. Dr. Marco is a ex-State Alchemist who was one of the people who created a Philosopher’s Stone for the previous war. However, when Edward have returned to check the location of the research books, it got all burned up since the whole library was put on fire by an unknown person. Luckily, Sheska who was a person working in that library was a person who memorizes anything that she reads that helped Ed and Al to get the research materials. Edward and Alphonse took the opportunity and tried to decipher the codes. This is probably his daily exercise, deciphering, reading, researching, and studying. Much to the extent, he learns that to create a Philosopher’s stone, a number of humans are needed.

Edward and Alphonse Edward and Alphonse Edward and Alphonse

Sparring with his younger brother, Alphonse, is a must. When Edward was able to fix Alphonse’s armor back to its original shape, they decided to spar to be able to get their strength exercised. They follow their teacher’s teachings that they need to train their body to be able to train their spirit. Edward is young and his experience in life is limited, so of course following his teacher’s teachings is a must to get stronger to reach their goal.

Alphonse: “Our teacher always told us, ‘In order to train the spirit, first train the body’.”
Edward: “That‘s why we have to practice like this everyday.”

– Chapter 9

He gets into trouble anywhere whether he likes it or not. Edward chooses to sneak behind Major Armstrong’s back with Alphonse to answer their question about Lab number 5, an abandoned building which they have a hint with about the place where the philosopher’s stone was created. Edward nearly died fighting a brothers who’s soul are inside in an armor. Fortunately, he was spared by a “homunculus” and was saved. He also tried to beat the crap out of Col. Mustang when they were allowed to have a duel against each other for the sake of amusement. Unfortunately, Edward lost. He was also got robbed by girl who took his State Alchemist watch which Edward had a hard time to bring back. So yeah.. Edward is a magnet of trouble. He gets out really good though.