Together We Stand

Edward Elric Relationships

Edward’s temper might be the reason why he doesn’t have a lot of friends, but Edward have a few people whom he cherishes the most. This page is the relationship part of the site.


Edward and Alphonse ElricAlphonse Elric
→ is Edward’s dearest younger brother and companion whom he will give up everything to give back ones lost.

Edward and Alphonse ElricVan Hohenheim
→ is Edward’s father who left them when they were young. Edward also resembles his father a lot.

Edward and Alphonse ElricIzumi Curtis
→ is Edward’s teacher from Dublith who taught them the basic principles of alchemy and who trained them hard.

Edward and Alphonse ElricRoy Mustang
→ stands as Edward’s “guardian” and the Col. who gives them assignments and helps them with their goal.

Edward and Alphonse ElricWinry Rockbell
→ is Edward’s only friend and a special childhood friend who gradually became a love interest.

Edward and Alphonse ElricLing Yao
→ a prince from Xing who became a friend to Edward and an annoying partner who mooch on Edward for food.