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Thank you for visiting EdwardElric.info! I hope you had a wonderful time viewing the comprehensive content of the site. I hope the content information had helped you learn about Edward in some way or another. The site has been online since February 28, 2010 and was in construction since December 2009. As of June 13, 2011, Fullmetal or EdwardElric.info had been in its 3rd time to have a revamp because we really want the site to be vast and comprehensive. The first time that I got into web designing and shrining, Edward was the first character that I could think of. And thus EEI came online!

Edward Elric okay

I should write an “afterword” for this site I guess, well, to me; Edward Elric is my favorite character in general. Who doesn’t? hahaha. I created this site to challenge my “Edward Elric knowledge”, and to dedicate the site to all the fans like me!

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