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This is your time to shine! Feel free to state anything you want related to Edward Elric or the series in general. Feel free to do so, and it will be very much appreciated more than that.. it will be posted here.

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Vence said:
Your website when it comes to elegance, it has captured the sense of the readers. The well organized theme blends with the content has the capacity to bring it to the top.

Edward Elric is just okay!

Meghan said:
Fantastic website! I enjoyed reading through all the articles. You’ve done a great job of capturing all that is Elric! ;D

Edward Elric is inspiring!

Kiana said:
I have always been a huge Fullmetal Alchemist fan. Not only is the show and manga full of action, adventure, and comedy. It always has a really deep meaning behind it. As said in the final chapter “You can’t gain anything without loosing something first.” All in all a beautifully made show and manga!

Edward Elric is Amazing!

Patty-kun said:
oh geez.. I love this dude :3 He is such an amazing character. I simply admire his intelligence and great determination~ Thank you for making this site~!
It made me feel as if Ed’s a real person <3

Edward Elric is a genius

Jessica Gaskarth said:

Edward Elric is a dork

Keely Higgins said:
I just wanted to let you know that this is a TERRIFIC dedication to our lovely Edward Elric!!

Edward Elric is Ingenious

Chrissi said:
Hello to all FMA fans!
Loveley page! Wow so much efford put into it.
I love FMA, especially the English sup and the voice of Ed (Vic M…. cant remember how written).
See ya

Edward Elric is Funny!

Destinie said:
Yay, bringing back the guestbook love~ This is a great shrine, really awesome. Love all the dedication you’ve put into it. I love coming back and reading it. I also love the current layout, it’s spiffy~ ♥

Edward Elric is a SHRIMP.

Maria Ynez said:
I Love Edward Elric,caused I Know he has to find to exchanged things like,his arm and leg,Aru(Al)’s body,And His mother to bring her back alive from the the dead,I think Ed is kind of a fun-size alchemist,caused I know people don’t know that,they that word is so cool and important to him,but I don’t bother that,But I rather call him names in a nicer way,something positve,but I can’t think of any,If I were a character in FMA series/movies/ova,I can use my imagination,to see what’s it like to be his world,I want to meet the voice actors,It doesn’t matter what lauguage of different countries,does Ed speaks or dubs,tell me,what other chracters do you like and you hate/dislike,besides Edward,althought his my type of favorite character,how about you? Do you like him too? I know I do.,in fact If I were a character in the FMA world,I could sing a song of any song from any real singers,but dosen’t bother me of what he/she sings of different languages(Countries),I know fans are in love with Edward,and they his the major crush on every girls fantasy,I know I like him as a friend,and I love him too,but in a secret,And I’m not much of a Winry fan,but I know fangirls don’t like her of her wrench wacks on Ed and Aru,but mosetly Ed,Some fans are anti-winry fans,they rather do negative to her,but I don’t Bother that,Some are Winry Haters,Cause I know every girl thinks there so pretty than her,well I do that too.but in my secret I’m also an Anti-Winry,And a Winry-Hater too.,If there Any Anti-Winry/Winry-Haters fangirls whould Hates/Dislikes her,you can tell me any comments about her that you hater her,and Why?
P.S:I’m Hispanic(19teen years old),with special needs,I guest Ed doesn’t know that I’m Special Needed,with the nice comments of Himself,Let your mind and imagination tells,pretend that I’m Here talking to all the fans,do you think him in your thoughts?,do you think he’ll defeant you?,before he gets hit by Winry’s wrench?,In your Secret thoughts,do you like/love him a lot?,do you think he likes/loves you?,do you think you’ll marry him in your future?, Do you think you could have children of your own with Ed?,And Do you Hate Winry?

Edward Elric is Exchange

Destinie said:
Back around 2004, I think I was graduating high school at the time, I remember seeing fanart of this character all around the internet. I really loved his design and when I heard he was from a show called “Fullmetal Alchemist”, it very much intrigued me. I have always been interested in the actual form of alchemy and the show sounded so interesting! I was so excited when I saw the first episode of FMA when it aired on Adult Swim in my first year of college. I really loved everything about the show and I loved Edward! I find his character to be interesting and extremely well developed. Arakawa is a beautiful artist and storyteller. I have always felt that FMA has to be one of the best animes and mangas I have ever read. Even to this day, not being as huge an anime fan as I once was, I still enjoy this series and Ed is still one of my favorites!